Business, Real Estate and Commercial Litigation

We have vast experience handling all types of business and commercial disputes, with an emphasis on real estate, contract, and and business relationship terminations. We routinely prosecute or defend cases involving land use disagreements, real estate, business sale or acquisition disputes, anti-trust or trade secret misappropriation allegations, buy-sell disputes, construction disputes, lender-borrower disagreements, partnership disagreements, employment related concerns, and breaches of fiduciary duty.

Our practice involves nearly every type of disagreement or problem in a business relationship. When problems arise, transactions fail or disputes break out among business partners or competitors, we stand ready to jump in to ensure as positive an outcome as possible.

In the broad context of business, commercial and consumer activities, a variety of disputes can and do arise. Our first priority for clients is to avoid litigation when possible, by seeking alternative dispute resolutions. But when there is a need to filing file litigation, or defend, or to go to trial, we have almost three decades of experience representing large and small companies, and individual entrepreneurs whether in courts or in arbitration or administrative venues. We have achieved scores of successful plaintiff and defense outcomes for clients involved in, contact disagreements, partnership disagreements, business divorces, financial services and lending disputes, trade secret thefts and other improper competitor activities, securities law violations, failed real estate purchase and sale transactions, land use and eminent domain matters, owner-contractor construction disputes, business fraud, employment related problems, professional (attorney, architect and engineer) malpractice, and insurance coverage and bad faith concerns.
Our clients include national investment and development companies, and regional or local businesses of all sizes, including clients we have represented for the entireties of our careers on a recurring or continual basis.