Crisis Management - Prevention and Response

Having litigated so many different crisis aftermaths in our careers, we know how to spot a crisis on the horizon and to change the path to avoid disaster. We also know how to respond to a crisis that has occurred, to best position our clients for what lies ahead in the aftermath, so the best result possible can be achieved.

Working with corporate governance officials or boards, we assist in the development of crisis prevention and mitigation strategies that are unique to the client’s specific needs. We also develop very detailed crisis response plans so that if a crisis does arise, there is no question about the response protocol. And whether we are involved in pre- crisis planning or not, we are adept at developing comprehensive, strategic response and mitigation plans, and causing their implementation.

We quickly ascertain the scope of a crisis, anticipate short term and long term risks, and promptly stabilize situations to avoid further exposure. We do so while carefully acting to protect personal and brand reputations while engaging in the delicate balance of making appropriate accountability commitments. With the benefit of the attorney-client privilege, we help to create and publish strategic communications, often working side-by-side with public relations consultants. We interface with media, and frequently act as spokespersons for our clients, when appropriate. We also recommend and retain interdisciplinary specialists when called for, always with an eye toward maintaining privileges and confidences. This may include investigators, threat assessment teams, technology and information consultants-and routinely, other lawyers who may situationally be more specialized than we are, and whose services we manage on behalf of our client.